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Who are we?

AMI Educational Consultancy is a professional who provides expert advice in management, education engineering law, science and many other specialized fields. We are expert and experienced person in this field and have wide knowledge of the subject matter. We are engaged to fulfil a brief in terms of helping to find solution to specific issues. We enrol at higher education and assist student and parents in making education decisions and giving advices.

We have well established office in which we are able to focus at the clients organizations observe work process.

We are customize consultancy to provides strategy and implementation support. We impact focus evaluation, developed and disseminate fresh inside, knowledge briefs, advance collectives impact.

We have established ourselves as a paramount educational consultant.


AMI itself means

The word itself forms to shape your future. As” The fact can’t be change, and the future is yet to cast. We cast your future and prove it to achieve your gaols.


We Enter To Learn, Leave To Achieve

College Admission

Knowing about the course, college, location, fees and admission process is not everybody's cup of tea. We work with colleges, students and parents in deciding the career path so that the student can get the best career option.

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Scholarship Program

AMI Education Services Offers competitive scholarship support to students seeking admission for graduate and post graduate courses, our program is aimed to encourage deserving students to various graduate.

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Exam Coaching

Commercial training or coaching centre is any institute or establishment providing commercial training or coaching for imparting skill or knowledge or lessons on any subject or field other than the sport.

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Career Counselling

Once you have registered, you will be offered a one-to-one appointment with one of our career counselling experts for professional guidance in education choice.

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Guidance and Counselling in education is very important to make a good career decision. Career Counselling is really beneficial for students on deciding which course to embark on.

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Find Colleges

You'll want to get involved with organizations. You'll want to meet people, & learn more. You should be thinking about that as you're looking at colleges & universities to pick one out.

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